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Uncovering The Lost Slasher: Doll Killer (1987)

I’m the kind of horror fan who goes the extra mile to find something I haven’t seen yet. I love the obscure, the rare and the unreleased. To say I collect horror films would be putting it lightly. More accurately … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business: Why Lost Slashers Matter

Never finished or released movies like Maniac 2: Mr Robbie – a whole new level of “forgotten horror”. Continue reading

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Lost Slashers: Pitchfork Massacre (1984)

The film played for one week then vanished. It has never been mentioned since… until now. Continue reading

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Interview: Bill Kinison Discusses The Honeymoon Killer (APRIL FOOL’S)

Charlie Sheen, Alison (Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie) Arngrim, and radio personality Rush Limbaugh star in Sam Kinison’s The Honeymoon Killer now in post-production. The late Sam Kinison’s take on the slasher genre, which was previously covered here, deals … Continue reading

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The Lost Sequel? Shutting Down Slaughterhouse 2

Rick Roessler’s Slaughterhouse (1987) told the tender tale of the Bacon family; the two man team of elderly father Lester, facing the loss of the land both his home and old slaughterhouse reside on, and his big, brainless son Buddy … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes Early: Lost Santa Slasher Unearthed

Our Christmas present to you last year was Thomas Ellison’s investigation of the uncompleted early 80’s slasher Jack M. Sell’s Black Christmas (featured in skit movie Outtakes). We now have a present from Retro Slashers‘ reader Wesley Skelly who after reading … Continue reading

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Sleepaway Camp IV Details And Poster

A pretty substantial update one of my retro projects: Fangoria have posted an article exclusively unveiling the Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor official poster art, plus copious quotage from me that’ll give you the comprehensive skinny on the lost slasher.

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Unproduced: Two Pieces

Admirers of Pieces (1982) know you don’t have to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre. But did you know a continuation of a certain gory campus massacre was once on tap? Original director Juan Piquer Simón announced in 1991 … Continue reading

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The Undertaker (1988) Review

Uncle Roscoe (Joe Spinell) is a small town undertaker who loves his work and his customers, literally.  Roscoe is a necrophiliac who turns his female victims into brides while male victims become members of the wedding party.  When Nick (Patrick Askin) … Continue reading

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Really Lost Slashers

Here are four slasher films that were announced but never got made for various reasons. Maybe the scripts for these lost slashers are still floating around somewhere but it’s very doubtful any of them will ever get filmed now. 1. … Continue reading

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