Synapse Films Nabs “Curtains”

Synapse Films dropped hints on their Facebook page earlier Wednesday that they have obtained the rights for┬áRichard Ciupka’s 1983 Canuck slasher classic Curtains. After receiving several comments, they stated that they are indeed working on a release.

A Synapse Facebook message reads: “Today, we begin the process of, what we hope to be, the 2K restoration on CURTAINS. We’re the first people to crack open these cans since 1983. Fingers crossed.”

Later the company added: “Today is the kind of day I both loath and love about this business. We have, in our hands, the only existing vault materials for a horror film that many love and have wanted for years to be done right on home video. I’m assigned to the task. The excitement is overwhelming just to SEE the film and find out what is in the cans. The “loath” part is usually the bad news where we find out it was improperly stored, torn, shredded, faded or whatever… But, we’ll find out. Synapse will MAKE THIS WORK! 2K scan work commence!”

This is great news for slasher fans, as Curtains is an eagerly anticipated release that has never been given its proper due on DVD and, judging by the company’s output, most likely Blu-ray. Stay tuned.

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