Sleepaway Camp IV From Retro Slashers DVD

We’re “soft launching” a Retro Slashers DVD label with lost sequel Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor, released in finished form for the first time ever next week after 20 years of uphill battle. The spine serial number is RS001 – and as a test case we’re piggybacking on this project which initiated over at companion site Sleepaway Camp Films.

We have a specific #002 in mind which would be where Retro Slashers DVD would get a full launch. We’ll take things one release at a time though – at most you’d probably get 1 or 2 releases per year of carefully picked/acquired titles. Less an attempt to compete with other companies or saturate the marketplace with, more just a natural extension of the Retro Slashers website and brand. We want to give you all-things slasher, and sometimes we’ll go outside of your computer screen to give them to you.

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