Retro Rentals – VHS Covers from Back in the Day

I love DVDs! The crisp images that the digital age offers allows us to appreciate just how amazing some movies really are. But, growing up in the eighties, my daily visit to the local video store on the way home from school resulted in an obsession with VHS. Looking back twenty years later, it’s hard to believe just how bad some of those video transfers were (such as pan and scan). Yet, I have still kept many of my old VHS as they have a retro charm that reminds of an era of video nasties. It’s difficult to believe just how much fear many of these cassettes provoked with the media and the moral majority, but for me they remind me of being a ten year old looking up at the shelves in the back room of the video store – with the action movies of Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Van Damme on one side and the glorious splatter of zombie movies and slasher flicks on the other. So come join me on my trip down bloodsoaked memory lane…

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  1. Racicot says:

    Madman is still scary to look at.

  2. It’s strange to think what a scandal many of these caused back in the eighties, particularly in Britain!

  3. I have EVERY SINGLE ONE of those VHS tapes! However, they are the U.S. versions, featuring slightly varied artwork. Awesome pictures!


  4. jasonsfury says:

    I always remember seeing the Happy Birthday To Me and Final Exam covers at my local video store. Slaughter High, Hell Night and Killer Party have always been my favorite guilty pleasures from my video store days when I was kid. Now, you can barely find any of these in a Blockbuster to rent. You have to get them from Netflix for rental if you don’t own them already.

  5. I have most of those myself! I need to see that Blood Moon movie. It looks AWESOME!

  6. Man do i LOVE this website!

    Thank you for bringing me pack to the days of renting movies all the time! LOVE the old school covers! “Prom night” is one of my favourites. The cover art for that is simple but piece of glass with the girl in it is so cool.

    Great memories! Man do i miss the old days of slasher films!
    Today’s horror sucks man!

  7. Cool gallery. Brings back so many memories of digging though pawn shops, bargain bins, and video stores as they went of business to get them. I’ve kept mine too, I have them on shelves covering one wall in my horror filled room. I have most of these old video’s only a some have different [American] covers like: Friday the 13th, The Prowler, Christmas Evil, Intruder [that was totally gutted=NO gore at all].

    I didn’t mind saying good bye to pan and scan at all. Some where really bad like Fulci’s “The Black Cat”, there is scenes where you can only see the noses of actors talking to each other. Who’s idea was this pan and scan crap anyway???

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