Pieces Gallery

WARNING – Contains Images of Nudity and Extreme Violence

There are few slasher films that can claim to be as sleazy and sadistic as Juan Piquer Simón’s 1982 sickfest Mil gritos tiene la noche, known in English-speaking circles as Pieces. Co-written by schlock filmmaker Joe D’Amato (under one of his many pseudonyms, John Shadow), Pieces is wall-to-wall gore, from the bloodsoaked opening scene to the leg-crossing climax. One of the few slashers which is hard to defend against accusations of misogyny (the killer wields his chainsaw in an all-too phallic manner and all but one of his victims are scantily-clad young women), yet Pieces still entertains as the ultimate ‘guilty pleasure.’ The acting may be dubious, the plot cliché-ridden and one sequence accidentally reveals the killer’s knife to be nothing more than a rubber prop (the blade is briefly seen to bend as he stabs a victim in the back of the head), yet as an exercise in excess there are few slashers which match Pieces

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4 Responses to Pieces Gallery

  1. John Klyza says:

    You bring the gory goods as always, Christian!

  2. This movie is gooey and gross and awesome!

  3. Jamie says:

    Love This Slasher, Cult Classick Might Be The Most Goriest Horror
    Flick I Have Ever Seen. Along With MANIAC

  4. Jamie says:

    Anyone Know When NIGHTMARE Is Hitting Dvd.
    I Thought I Read Somewhere A Halloween Release.

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