June is Slasher-Hybrid Month at Retro Slashers!

Not to be confused with quasi-slashers, which are movies with vague slasher elements (in which case, I’m pretty sure every single horror movie and serial killer thriller would be valid), slasher-hybrids are films that specifically combine the slasher film with an outside genre but can exist in both worlds on their own merits.

One example is Without Warning (1980), which uses the slasher structure to a T – random killings, bodies stashed to be discovered by the heroes, prime whodunnit paranoia – but drops in an alien monster (played by Kevin Peter Hall, who would later play pretty much the same role in Predator!). Another example is Silent Rage (1982) starring Chuck Norris, where The Beard fights an indestructible proto-Terminator who keeps on coming back. This one combines action elements within a slasher framework – and yes, there’s roundhouse kicking. And hopefully I don’t have to tell you about the incredible Maximum Overdrive (1986) directed by Stephen King – a slasher movie where trucks, vehicles and even a soda vending machine are the killer! Thank the lord Stevie boy was nose-deep in coke or that flick wouldn’t be nearly as goofy and awesome.

Some movies even attempt to combine multiple types of film, like Future Kill (1985, review) which uses a chase movie scenario to bolster its slasher trappings, while also integrating post-apocalyptic styled mayhem.

With hybrid-slashers, it’s the mish-mash of separate genres that make for fun watching. We plan on offering reviews and articles from our senior writers that will bring to light some of these combos. By no means will June necessarily feature only slasher-hybrid coverage, but I was looking for a way to provide more consistency instead of segregating our top contributions to the small window of theme weeks. We’ll give it a try, anyhow.

What are your favorite slasher-hybrids and what genres do they criss-cross?


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4 Responses to June is Slasher-Hybrid Month at Retro Slashers!

  1. Eric says:

    I believe the original “Terminator” movie can fall into this catergory. Linda Hamilton being relentlessly pursuited by a killer from the future? Sounds like a slasher film to me.

  2. Body Boy says:

    I’ve always enjoyed ‘The Internecine Project’ with Coburn and Lee Grant from 1974. It’s a thriller about Coburn trying to knock off people from his past in order to go onward with his job with nothing to come nack and haunt him. 5 people die, one by shower strangulation, one from being bashed in the head with a hammer, and then three other unique slasher methods. Even more interesting, they all are committed by different people!

  3. the2ndsuitor says:

    I like Chopping Mall! Robots are scary . . . And not just for what they’ve done to me already.

  4. Elm says:

    Several members of the local police are being killed off one-by-one in the woods in grisly fashion by an unseen killer, a traumatized and increasingly mentally unstable war vetran.
    I like how the begining and ending focuses on the killer, but in the middle of the film, the camera centers on the police, their efforts to track him, and their ultimate demise by an unstoppable killer who they have pissed off.

    I have been describing my favorite quasi-slasher, First Blood. Yes, the rambo movie. Forget the sequels, and just watch the initial entry (which originally was to end with rambo putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger, which would have been the perfect end to this dark cinematic experience.)

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