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Review: Horror House (1969)

Studio tampering is a time (dis)honored tradition in the slasher genre. Horror House, A.K.A. The Haunted House of Horror, a forgotten little British chiller, is an early example of a studio destroying a film by radically changing storylines with unnecessary … Continue reading

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The 7 Best Slasher Movie Party Scenes

Parties play a major role in many slasher films. Sometimes the party sets off the killer (My Bloody Valentine, The Prowler) and sometimes people pick the wrong place to have a good time (Killer Party, Hell Night, House on Sorority … Continue reading

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The Slasher Witch Hunt 6: The Slasher Law

Harpool claimed the law was designed to keep children under 17 from renting or buying any video that included graphic materials. Continue reading

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Lost Slashers: Pitchfork Massacre (1984)

The film played for one week then vanished. It has never been mentioned since… until now. Continue reading

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Book Review: Unmasked – Kane Hodder Biography

Unmasked: The True Life Story of the World’s Most Prolific, Cinematic Killer is one of the most amazing autobiographies I have ever read. Kane Hodder grabs the reader by the throat and drags them through his personal heaven (growing up on … Continue reading

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The Basement (1989) Big-Box Review Part 2: Video Violence

Camp Motion Pictures new release The Basement includes Video Violence and Video Violence 2, two sov slashers I love more than I should.  Having both films on one disc is great since tracking down the films on vhs is a damn difficult task.  The first Video Violence, which tells the … Continue reading

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Viva VHS: Satan’s Blade (1984)

Satan’s Blade starts off with a bang, literally.  A couple of bad girls rob a bank, kill the tellers after a little sexual humiliation, and run to a cabin in the hills.  Ruth (Meg Greene) double crosses her partner but only … Continue reading

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Slasher-Hybrids & Urban Legends: Aids Mary

The Legend: A traveling business man meets a beautiful blond in a night club and invites her to his room for an evening of carnal delights. When the man awakes the next morning he discovers his overnight companion has vanished but … Continue reading

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Final Exam (1981) Review

The students of Lanier College have more than exams to worry about. A slasher armed with a butcher knife is stalking the corridors of academia. Only the survivors get to exempt this test. Final Exam could have been just another … Continue reading

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The Incubus (1982) Review

A rapist is stalking the quiet streets of Galen. The town doctor (John Cassavetes) and sheriff (John Ireland) are horrified by the vicious crimes and perplexed by the strange evidence left at the crime scenes. The doctor discovers the attacks … Continue reading

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