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Synapse Films Nabs “Curtains”

Synapse Films dropped hints on their Facebook page earlier Wednesday that they have obtained the rights for Richard Ciupka’s 1983 Canuck slasher classic Curtains. After receiving several comments, they stated that they are indeed working on a release.

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Review: I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

Makes its audience feel dirty for watching a woman being brutalized, and then for cheering her (or her surrogates) on as she seeks revenge. Continue reading

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Review: Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Since its initial release in 1983, Sleepaway Camp has developed a cult reputation, in part due to the film’s final reel twist, and in part due to its lead, Felissa Rose. Continue reading

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Viva VHS: Body Count (1987)

During the heyday of slashers in the early 1980’s, countries around the world were eager to cash in on the boom. International production companies did everything within their power (and budget) to disguise their film’s country of origin, sometimes actually … Continue reading

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Slasher-Hybrid Month: 10 To Midnight (1983)

With their potential high return on low investment, slasher movies became the must-make sub-genre on every studio’s production slate in the early 80’s. It was only a matter of time before studios began hedging their bets, injecting slasher tropes into … Continue reading

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American Nightmare (1983) Review

What do you get when you disguise a Canadian movie as an American slasher flick when it’s really more like an Italian giallo? You get American Nightmare, a 1983 stripper-stalker directed by Don (The Haunting of Lisa, Mrs. Ashboro’s Cat) … Continue reading

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Rituals… Finally (Most Likely)

Now it looks as though this backwoods Canadian proto-slasher is going to be released as early as next week! Continue reading

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“Best Slasher Flick of All Time” Finally Released (APRIL FOOL’S)

Slasher fanatics everywhere, rejoice – new boutique DVD company Hoa-X is releasing Deacon Natterling’s unseen 1980 Canadian slasher Blood Test on April 1. It’s final exam time at Hillcrest College, and someone is killing the students one-by-one using the most … Continue reading

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Reassessing a Classic: MBV Then & Now

My Bloody Valentine was released on February 13, 1981, just as the slasher sub-genre was gaining substantial momentum. Halloween had started the trend proper, and Friday the 13th had solidified it as a moneymaker. Every studio wanted a slasher flick … Continue reading

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Bloody Birthday from Severin

The terrific 1980 slasher flick Bloody Birthday is coming to DVD from Severin Films. Directed by Ed (Starship Invasions, The Brain) Hunt, Bloody Birthday follows three murderous, creepy kiddies (Elizabeth Hoy, Billy Jacoby and Steven Seton) who were all born … Continue reading

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