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Uncovering The Lost Slasher: Doll Killer (1987)

I’m the kind of horror fan who goes the extra mile to find something I haven’t seen yet. I love the obscure, the rare and the unreleased. To say I collect horror films would be putting it lightly. More accurately … Continue reading

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Scalps: The 30th Anniversary Interview

Last time we presented a retrospective celebrating 30 years of Scalps, a shocking slasher that would differentiate itself from the pack with its Native-American supernatural elements. This time around, we speak to the director himself. Read on as Fred Olen … Continue reading

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Scalps: The 30th Anniversary Retrospective

In 1983 a sleazy little slasher film hit screens titled Scalps. It’s the story of a group of college students who set out for the desert in (illegal) search of Indian artifacts. However, they awaken a vengeful Indian spirit who … Continue reading

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Review: Die Sister, Die! (1972)

With a remake now in pre-production it became necessary to review the original for those not yet acquainted with this elegant masterpiece. Originally intended for late night television, this little gem found wider success at midnight showings, double features and … Continue reading

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VHS Forever: The Return Of Shot-On-Video Horror

In the mid 80’s when the VHS boom was taking off, several SOV (shot-on-vhs) horror titles started popping up on the shelves. With the cheaper accessibility to VCR’s came cheaper home camcorders. Nearly anyone who “shot” a feature length horror film in the 80’s could have it pieced together and distributed. Continue reading

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Early 80’s Vs. Late 80’s Slashers

Let’s face it, every slasher freak knows that the 1980’s was the decade of the Slasher film. However, a decade is ten years, and ten years is a long time. Taking a look back over those years, a steady progression of evolving (perhaps for the worst) plot lines and stories can be seen. Continue reading

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