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My Silent Night Deadly Night Christmas Marathon

I had a plan. T’was a fine plan – watch Silent Night Deadly Night parts 1-5 over the Christmas holidays. How hard could that be? They even had numbers on them so I wouldn’t lose my way. Except it didn’t … Continue reading

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DVD Review: Death Merchant (1988)

Joe Spinell cannot die. Yet he has been dead for almost fourteen years. The sweaty, pock-marked Maniac is a beloved figure in retro slasher history, but he did several movies that were essentially variations of the same figure. We’ve been … Continue reading

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VHS Forever: The Return Of Shot-On-Video Horror

In the mid 80’s when the VHS boom was taking off, several SOV (shot-on-vhs) horror titles started popping up on the shelves. With the cheaper accessibility to VCR’s came cheaper home camcorders. Nearly anyone who “shot” a feature length horror film in the 80’s could have it pieced together and distributed. Continue reading

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