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Wes Craven’s Dream Warriors

Although A Nightmare on Elm Street would become one of the most popular horror franchises of all time, even as production on the first movie came to an end during the summer of 1984, none of the principals involved had … Continue reading

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Slashers and Urban Legends: The Baby-Sitter and the Man Upstairs

The Legend: After putting the children to bed for the night, a baby-sitter receives a strange phone call.  “Have you checked the children?,” the caller asks.  At first, the baby-sitter thinks the calls are from friends trying to scare her.  … Continue reading

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Retro Slashers Invites You To My Bloody Valentine Uncut Theatrical Screening At Alamo Drafthouse

Retro Slashers is teaming up with Blood Thirsty Thursdays for a theatrical screening night of George Mihalka’s 1981 Canadian ode to pick-axes, My Bloody Valentine (Review). Best of all, the print is UNRATED & UNCUT! Venue will be Alam0 Westlakes, … Continue reading

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Misleading Slasher Trailers

Final Exam:  If you’ve ever seen the trailer for Halloween, then you may remember it ends with the line “The night HE came home.”  The trailer for Final Exam uses the phrase “HE’s come back!” twice in an attempt to … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Code Red DVD To Release Ghostkeeper

Due to overwhelming demand from horror fans, Code Red has acquired the 1981 Canadian slasher film Ghostkeeper. A trio of friends on a snowmobile trip in the Canadian Rockies become lost after venturing up a trail during a bad snowstorm. … Continue reading

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Slashers and Urban Legends: The Slit-Mouth Woman

The Legend: A beautiful, young wife has an affair then taunts her impotent husband with details.  The husband becomes enraged, grabs a pair of scissors, and mutilates his wife.  After slitting his wife’s mouth from ear to ear, the husband asks “Who will … Continue reading

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Hollywood Monster

Hollywood Monster, Robert Englund’s autobiography, is really an exceptional book.  Some actors use autobiographies as vanity pieces and fill them with anecdotes about how great they were way back when.  That isn’t the case with Hollywood Monster.  Englund became a cultural icon … Continue reading

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Juan Piquer Simon (1935 – 2011)

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write about the passing of Juan Piquer Simon. His classic over the top slasher masterpiece Pieces (masterPieces?) is a one of a kind sort of film. The straight faced cast delivers … Continue reading

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The Lost Sequel? Shutting Down Slaughterhouse 2

Rick Roessler’s Slaughterhouse (1987) told the tender tale of the Bacon family; the two man team of elderly father Lester, facing the loss of the land both his home and old slaughterhouse reside on, and his big, brainless son Buddy … Continue reading

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Bloody Birthday from Severin

The terrific 1980 slasher flick Bloody Birthday is coming to DVD from Severin Films. Directed by Ed (Starship Invasions, The Brain) Hunt, Bloody Birthday follows three murderous, creepy kiddies (Elizabeth Hoy, Billy Jacoby and Steven Seton) who were all born … Continue reading

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