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Splatterbowl: The Shape vs Jason vs Leatherface

Back in the early 80s Fangoria held a Maniac Match-up contest.  Contestants were asked to create a comic strip featuring a duel to the death between The Shape, Jason, and Leatherface.  John Arnold and Linwood Sasser’s winning entry, 1st Fangoria … Continue reading

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Killer Party: Lost Gore Shots

Here are two kills you won’t see in the vhs version of Killer Party.  Maybe one day slasher fans will finally get to see this underrated slasher gem in uncut form.  But for now enjoy these pics and imagine what might … Continue reading

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A Retro Slasher’s Salute to Keith Knight

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the career of Keith Knight who portrayed Hollis in My Bloody Valentine.  Born in Ontario, Canada in 1956, Keith Knight spent his early acting career … Continue reading

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Early Details On Code Red’s Madman DVD (Updated)

This week on Deadpit Radio, the legendary Paul Ehlers (Madman Marz himself) made a special announcement about an upcoming DVD re-release of the seminal 1982 slasher flick Madman. The bombastic axe-wielder told the Deadpit crew: “I found out from Gary … Continue reading

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Confessions Of A Slasher Movie Fan In The 80’S

A kid in the 70’s, I grew up like a Monster Kid was supposed to. I began with the Universal horror classics like Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy, and then graduated to Hammer Horror, Godzilla movies, etc. Support was provided … Continue reading

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DVD Review: Don’t Answer The Phone DVD (1980)

Here we go again, another gem that’s been lambasted by critics armchair and professional alike: BCI Eclipse have dug up Robert Hammer’s 1980 sleaze-o-rama Don’t Answer The Phone and given it an uncut release. I do like my slashers but … Continue reading

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