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Silent Scream DVD Closer To Happening

Have Code Red rebranded themselves Scorpion Releasing? Or is it an offshoot from an existing or former employee? Who knows? Who cares? What is important though, we might finally actually be getting SILENT SCREAM on DVD in the near future.

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Halloween 3D is Dead for Now

Back on September 5th I warned Halloween fans not to get their hopes up at the prospect of seeing Halloween 3D in the near future no matter what the Weinsteins’ promised. My suspicions were confirmed tonight when TWC pulled the … Continue reading

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Beauty Queen Butcher (1991)

Usually a lost slasher finally getting released makes a few headlines but here’s one that has gone mostly unnoticed. The S.O.V. Beauty Queen Butcher, filmed way back in 1991, wasn’t released until 2007 by Camp Motion Pictures as part of … Continue reading

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SOV Month Becomes SOV Summer Becomes SOV YEAR!!!

Let’s celebrate the upcoming autumn equinox correctly, shall we? Due to some unforseen things – like life – I was unable to complete my obsessive SOV retrospective (or OSOVR) in the high style I would have liked. There are at … Continue reading

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Sorority Row (2009) Wrap-Up

SORORITY ROW (2009) is now in USA theaters! Check out Retro Slashers’ Interviews with cast and crew conducted by Christian Sellers by Clicking Here. Be sure to let our readers know in the comments what you thought of the film!

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Proto-Slashers #10 – The Spiral Staircase (1945)

Looking at the flicks that paved the way for Halloween and the heyday of slasher movies. THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE (1945)

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Help Ted V. Mikels!

A friend of mine passed along this distrubing article regarding Mr. Mikels. The tough economy has hit us hard and Mikels, one of the great indie mavericks of our time, recently had to give up his studio near the Las … Continue reading

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Scary Silver Screen Clowns Contest

Our friends @ Smash Or Trash Indie Filmmaking are throwing a contest about the creepiest of killers…

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Halloween II Bombs, Now the Real Bloodbath Begins

The layoffs have started at The WeinsteinCompany just one week after Rob Zombie’s Halloween II finished a disappointing third at the box-office. TWC, once a major player in Hollywood, had pinned its survival on the box-office performance of Halloween II. … Continue reading

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Michael Myers Gets Hit By Car (Video Fixed)

Check out this hilarious clip, and for all the snark it musters, remember it’s actually from Rob Zombie’s own HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO. Is Rob poking fun at himself, or revealing his true feelings about Michael Myers?

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