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Halloween 3D: Michael Myers Comin’ At Ya!

Yes, I’m glad they’re going in a different direction. No, we won’t be covering this movie on any regular basis. Yes, I love answering my own questions.

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Killer Sites: Dr Gore’s Funhouse

Because reciprocal links are so 1998. Regular visitors will no doubt notice the absence of staff writer Christian Sellers from this website. Christian was only with us for a short period but that was an incredibly prolific period, and the … Continue reading

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Joyride (1983) Book Review

Horror fiction writers were slow to take up the slasher mantle back in the early 80’s even though celluloid stalkers were carving up hefty profits at the box-office. Anyone scanning paperback racks at the corner market were more likely to … Continue reading

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Celebrate this weekend with a Retro Slashers Trifecta

Right this moment a major debate is taking place in the United States. Will you see Halloween II or The Final Destination this weekend? I say to hell with the debate, go see both films. Here’s how the Retro Slashers … Continue reading

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How To Survive A Horror Movie (2007) Book Review

Talk about finding a diamond among a bunch of worthless rocks. I first saw Seth Grahame-Smith’s excellent book on a new release table sandwiched between mountains of Oprah’s latest Book of the Month and literary dreck that folks buy but … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Michelle Bauer

***WARNING***NOT WORK FRIENDLY*** Michelle Bauer is my favorite scream queen. When Bauer retired in 1995 several publications marked the event with special issues and goodies for die hard fans. These images are from an autographed card set released by Scream … Continue reading

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The Girl at Smith’s Grove: An Interview with Chenell Cowan of Rob Zombie’s Halloween

By Paul Talbot: Among the more disturbing images created by Rob Zombie for his controversial Halloween remake is the brutal scene where a young female inmate is raped by two sleazy orderlies in Michael Myers’s dark cell at Smith’s Grove … Continue reading

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Feeling blue? Seeing red? Hate colour metaphors? Don’t despair… slasher movies can help! Psychologists have long recognized the healing power of feel-good movies in treating all kinds of mental woes, from bouts of minor depression to fits of cheerleader-murdering rage, … Continue reading

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More Slashers on Disc

More slasher and proto-slasher discs are on their way. October 13: The Stepfather This terrific 1987 slasher has been M.I.A. on DVD for far too long. Lost’s Terry O’Quinn stars as a family man who, when disappointed by his family, … Continue reading

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Interview With Mother’s Day Actress Nancy Hendrickson

By “SkaryMoviez”: Every once in a while, a retro slasher arrives to little or no fanfare, only to be recognized years later, thus attaining what we like to call cult status. Charles Kaufman’s 1980 classic Mother’s Day arrived into theaters … Continue reading

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