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Interview With Hack/Slash Creator Tim Seeley

Back in 2004, Tim Seeley created one of the best horror comics in recent years with the stylish and sexy HACK/SLASH. Based around the character of Cassie Hack, who travels the land fighting various slasher-style maniacs, the series became a … Continue reading

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Just Before Dawn (1981) Review

Of all the lost-in-the-wilderness slashers to appear in the early eighties (which would include The Final Terror and The Forest), Jeff Lieberman’s backwards thriller Just Before Dawn was arguable the most beautifully shot and well crafted, perfectly capturing the deadly … Continue reading

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The Stepfather Comes to Region 1

Whilst a vanilla edition has been out on region 2 since forever, Shout! Factory are set to release Joseph Ruben’s suburban slasher The Stepfather

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Have Ball Will Travalena: Night Of The Dribbler Star Dies

Noted comedy entertainer Fred Travalena (IMDB Profile) has passed away at age 66. The amiable funnyman played three different roles in the unreleased slasher spoof NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1995) and has a veritable laundry list of stand-up, impersonator and … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th: The Series Season 3 DVD

Shock Till You Drop have just posted the artwork to the third and final season of Friday the 13th: The Series, Paramount‘s unrelated spin-off to its successful film franchise

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Uncut Hardware to Hit Region 1

Those that for some reason don’t own a multi-region DVD player will be pleased to know that Hardware will be out on region 1 later this year in all its uncut glory

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Select a Cover for Night of the Creeps

Following on from the recent news of a special director’s cut of Fred Dekker’s 1986 classic Night of the Creeps hitting DVD, it has been revealed that Amazon are asking fans to choose between three designs

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Final Exam (1981) Review

With so many slashers being released between 1980 and 1982, there were countless films that fail to receive the recognition they deserved

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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985) Review

After the success of A Nightmare on Elm Street in November 1984, it seemed inevitable that a sequel would soon follow. The final moments of the first movie had been manufactured by the producer in an effort to allow for … Continue reading

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New Photos from Fear Clinic

Following on from recent news of Halloween‘s Danielle Harris starring alongside genre legends Robert Englund and Kane Hodder in the upcoming five-part web series Fear Clinic

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