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Proto-Slashers #4: Hands of the Ripper – 1971

Proto-Slashers: Looking at the flicks that paved the way for Halloween and the heyday of slasher movies. Hands of the Ripper (1971) Suppose an infamous serial killer had a baby daughter who witnessed her father murder her mother. Years later, … Continue reading

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Ghostkeeper (1981)

One of the most beautiful things about the horror genre is how utterly subjective it is. One man’s Madman is another man’s Prom Night. OK, I love both of those movies, but you get my point, see? I have spent … Continue reading

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Exclusive Interview With SORORITY ROW’s Margo Harshman

INTERVIEW: Christian Sellers How did you first develop a taste for acting and what was your first introduction into the industry?

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The Prey Part Two: Jackson Bostwick Interview

Note: This interview was conducted for RS in 2005 Films become legendary for different reasons. Some are plagued with problems; others manage to transcend the art form and become something else entirely. Then there is the rarest beast indeed, the … Continue reading

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Great Slasher Mysteries Vol. 2

Time for us to delve deeper into the mysterious world of mysterious slasher mysteries, with two classic cases from the Vaults of the Unknown. Last time, readers were kind enough to share their opinions and extra information concerning the conundrums … Continue reading

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One of the names most associated with the slasher genre is not director or even an actor, but a makeup artist. Tom Savini became synonymous with gory splatter effects in the early 1980’s after his groundbreaking work on the likes … Continue reading

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SLASHER LEGEND – John Carpenter

With Halloween 2 set for release later this year, Retro Slashers looks back on the life and career of the man responsible for the original classic, JOHN CARPENTER.

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The Dark: a lost slasher hiding in a novelization

Back in the late 1970’s Tobe Hooper was set to direct a film titled The Mutilator, a simple tale concerning either the adventures of a zombie slasher or an escaped mongoloid, depending on which Hollywood Urban Legend you read.  Hooper … Continue reading

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The Prey: Part One – The Influence

I’ve been wanting to do a little tribute to The Prey, one of the more underrated slashers, but as you may have noticed (or not!), I’m only on RS sporadically (something I truly regret), which means Prey week is looking … Continue reading

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It’s A Shock Festival In Your Living Room

Rue Morgue’s Best Fiction Book of 2008, SHOCK FESTIVAL, is getting a DVD adaptation (of sorts). Fangoria recently posted an insightful Interview With Author Stephen Romano which outlines plans for the disc.

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