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My Bloody Valentine Uncut Seamless Branching

Hot diggity, you can watch it with integrated deleted scenes, or separately. Can February get here fast enough? BTW, you can see publicity shots from some of the uncut scenes courtesy of Thomas Ellison a time ago.

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A Turkey for Turkey Day!

What is there to give thanks for if you can’t give some love to the best Thanksgiving slasher ever, Home Sweet Home. OK, it’s the only Thanksgiving Day slasher I can think of but still, you get my meaning. Now … Continue reading

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My Bloody Valentine Special Edition DVD Coming (Updated)

Every slasher fan worth their weight in heart-shaped candy knows exactly who has the legendary uncut scenes for My Bloody Valentine (hint: not a company). Yup. So, pretty hard for Lion’s Gate to bone this up. Mmm hmm. “ has … Continue reading

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Madhouse Coming To DVD

Featuring quite possibly the most annoying wisecracking slasher ever (pre-Freddy, too!), MPI bring Ovidio G. Assonitis’s Madhouse (1981) to DVD on November 25th. Beautiful do-gooder Julia (Trish Everly) and her insane, hideously deformed twin sister Mary (Allison Biggers) have a … Continue reading

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Scream and Scream Again: History of the Slasher Film

I love the internets. You get to see things you ordinarily just wouldn’t be exposed to. Such as, this BBC documentary on the US slasher film. They have some pretty high profile interviewees, and take some alternative angles on some … Continue reading

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Return to Sleepaway Camp: The Retro Slashers Review

My favorite scene in the original Sleepaway Camp is the opening montage of the abandoned camp. The ghostly voices of phantom children mingle with rotted cabins, weed choked fields, and rusted swings producing an eerie sense of foreboding. By comparison, … Continue reading

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Trick Or Treats On Halloween

Happy Halloween from Retro Slashers! I’ll be celebrating all weekend – because one day a year just isn’t enough. The Michael Myers flicks are the defaults to fall back on, but round this time of year I find solace in … Continue reading

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