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Retro Slashers Double/Triple Features

Fight those slasher remake blues with a Retro Slasher double or triple feature in the comfort of your own living room.  Horror movie marathons were common back during the glory days of 42nd Street and southern drive-inns and the following … Continue reading

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Mother Superior 1925 – 2008

It might be a little late in mentioning, but Lilyan Chauvin who played the incredibly terrifying Mother Superior in Silent Night, Deadly Night passed away on June 26th of this year. Some things about Miss Chauvin you might not know: … Continue reading

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Retro Slashers: The Trailer

Check out this fantastic little advertisement my buddy Rob Long created for the website!!

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Child’s Play Downloadable Audio Commentary

The recent big deal DVD re-release of Child’s Play eschewed director Tom Holland in favor of franchise writing/producing Team Mancini. So the boys at Icons Of Fright independently set up a recording of a Tom Holland track moderated by Tim … Continue reading

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Killer Band!

Anyone here remember White Sister? Well, I hope so because they were the band featured in the clever movie-within-a-music-video-within-a-movie at the beginning of Killer Party. That’s one band I always thought was created for a film. I mean, they just … Continue reading

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Beyond The Door O-Ring

It’s a good time to remind that Code Red’s DVD of Beyond The Door is out this week. Picked up a nice little tidbit on their Blog that further enhances the company’s reputation as a collector’s service: “BEYOND THE DOOR … Continue reading

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Mutilator Goodies

Here are some photos of stuff from Buddy Cooper’s The Mutilator I’d like to share with you. Click for larger versions: The NC beachhouse the film was shot at. The hook from that infamous scene. The actual clapboard used in … Continue reading

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A Day At The Beach With Code Red

What’s this!? Code Red selling out the slasher crowd to go upscale art house!? No, it’s just another case of the company taking chances in ways other genre companies simply do not. No, it’s not a slasher and heck, it … Continue reading

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90s Slashers: Slim Pickings

Let’s face it, as far as slashers go the 90s was a big fat dud. It’s not like the late 80s were always something to write home about but at least there were some good attempts and honestly, the direct … Continue reading

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Flip Side of the Coin

If you haven’t been over to the delectable site Anchorwoman in Peril you should really check it out. Ross Horsley really gives some love to all things slasher, shark, anchorwoman or otherwise. He read my Slashers That Aren’t Slasher but … Continue reading

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