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The Slayer (1982)

I’m a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock and roll. Yeah, I like my movies gory and scary. As time passes, I’ve discovered a camp of moviegoers who find gore scary and sometimes prefer the sharp end of … Continue reading

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A Girl and Her Horror Obsession

Somebody asked me why I like horror and I wrote the following essay. Now if only I could remember who asked and why! I stumbled across this and thought it relevant to Retro Slashers, so here goes! Enjoy! I have … Continue reading

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Please Kill Mr. Kinski

So, I woke this morning and instead of doing the eons of chores I have ahead of me, I sat down and decided that I must know all about Klaus Kinski today. I’m not sure how I got to this … Continue reading

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My Bloody Valentine 3D Poster Art

The San Diego Comic-Con is in full effect, and screenwriter Todd Farmer here shows off the snazzy poster art for the upcoming My Bloody Valentine 3D. Looks like a proud papa, don’t he? Send all cigars to This is … Continue reading

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Pieces DVD From Grindhouse Releasing

My future drinking buddy Wil over at Horror Yearbook recently alerted me that the [Bastards! Bastards! Bastards! at] Grindhouse Releasing have finally finished up work on their 2-Disc Special Edition DVD of Pieces and slated that chunkola of cheese for … Continue reading

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Psycho(logical) Slashers

Maybe I’m spreading this thought too thin, because there is psychological motivation in most slashers. Whether it be Jason avenging mommy’s death or the sociopathic stalking of the unstoppable force known as Michael Myers, some kind of inner demon (the … Continue reading

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There was a server transfer yesterday, and the unforeseen byproduct was that it flipped the blog back 2 or 3 days, hence one wonderful article by Amanda By Night was lost, as were some comments across various posts. Amanda has … Continue reading

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The Unseen DVD Details

It’ll be August 19th before you know it, when Code Red‘s 2-disc set of Danny Steinmann’s The Unseen (1981) streets. Prepare to feel Junior’s wrath! Disc 1: Brand New Anamorphic 16×9 transfer from the original IP, Audio Commentary with Producer … Continue reading

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Not Quite Slashers

Sometimes I’ve duped myself into thinking I’ve discovered a lost slasher, such was the situation with Cardiac Arrest (1980). With a poster like that, how can you go wrong? I suspect deep down I knew it was just a case … Continue reading

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New Status Quo

I’ll admit it up front: Retro Slashers has been out of shape for quite a while. But it wasn’t always that way – sit down, listen to the story. We came out with a well-received revamp of the website in … Continue reading

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